The Eco-Artists  Elementary Program


     The Eco-Artist Elementary School program is an exciting 2 day interactive program for Grade 4 Elementary students at the University of Guelph Nature Centre. Over the two days, the Grade 4 students are led by a team of Da Vinci students to explore art and science in an interesting, informative, fun, and interactive way. The students explore different habitats (Grasslands, Woodlands, Wetlands, and Urban Gardens) and at each habitat learn about the plants and animals that live there while playing games, creating artwork, and doing various activities that enhance their learning.

Teacher Information

Your grade 4 students will have a unique opportunity to be engaged with teenagers who are excited and passionate about the environment, art, and science.  They will be led in smaller groups by group leaders throughout 4 habitats.  At each habitat, they will be led through science and art activities that help to teach some of the objectives of the Ministry of Education guidelines.  They will learn about the plants and animals, will use butterfly nets to catch and identify grassland insects, "dipnet" for aquatic creatures and learn about their unique adaptations, create leaf prints and sustainable art, and develop murals for use in the classroom.


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Testimonials for the Eco Artists Program✧✧


From Teachers:

"The Eco Art program leads grade four students to embrace nature and art. Students are engaged in active, hands-on activities that enhance their creative expression and introduce attitudes which enable them to commune with nature. Long-term environmental awareness is achieved through fun and meaningful activities that involve key elements of the natural world. The student counselors are well versed in program content and the mindset of grade-four learners." -  Graham Fiddes,  Grade 4 Teacher,  Aberfoyle Public School


From Students:

Hannah: "We did a lot of Arts and crafts and learned a lot too! We learned a lot about different habitats in all of the places we went. We learned about different birds in the grasslands and we learned about different butterflies and birds in the Art Gardens and in the wet lands we learned about frogs and finally in the woodlands we learned about a bunch of stuff that lived in the woods! My favourite thing I did was Art and Crafts and Predator and Prey both of them were really fun. I liked all the leaders there. They were all really nice!!! I would love it if we get to go again really soon o some time next because I liked everything. It was one of the best two days of my life!


Summer: " My favourite habitat is the Art Gardens because it is pretty. There is also very pretty birds like the morning dove. The best part of the trip was EVERYTHING!!!! but my most favourite part was playing camouflage!! If I was ever go back I will be so happy because everybody was so nice and I know where all my favourite places are and since I like all the habitats I know where all the habitats are. The worst part was nothing. I liked how at every habitat we learned something new. I don’t want anything to change. If they change anything I will be sad. I want to go back so bad if I don’t go back I will be sad. The DaVinci program was so fun!


Robyn: " I liked our trip. My group was called Water. If I go back I would first visit the art gardens because it was one of the coolest habitats I saw. I wish I could go back for a summer camp or something else like a camp. It would even be better if we could stay for much longer. Our group leader was Lisa. She was the nicest group leader ever. I really want to go back and it was so much fun. I also really liked Tiger Lily. There was no worst part, it was all great! I also liked grasslands. The leader, Grassy, he was cool. My favorite part was everything!! If I go back I would not change a thing!! I really want to go back!