How to Apply


Important Note:  Due to COVID 19, we are still uncertain whether we will be able to run the program in the fall of 2021.  It is possible it could get pushed to the winter semester,  or not run at all.  We will do our best to run the program with all of its components, but at the moment we can not guarantee it.  Please see instructions below for what to include in your application.



The Da Vinci Program is open to all grade 11 students in the Upper Grand District School Board.


Here is how to apply to the Da Vinci Program:


This year, we will not be using paper applications.  Instead, email applications to


They should include the following:


1) One to two page personal introduction that explains why you would like to do Da Vinci.

2) A digital copy of a creative piece of some sort (drawing, photo, video of a dance, recorded piece of   music, short film, etc…)


The Da Vinci Program allows you to earn the following credits: AEA 3O, NBE 3U (Indigenous Literature), HSP 3U, and SBI 3U.  Unfortunately, space is limited in the program and not all applications will be accepted. Because of this, please pick your courses for next year through myBlueprint as though you will not be doing Da Vinci.  In the case that you are accepted, guidance will contact you to make the changes necessary for the program and for the remainder of your academic year.


ALL application must be completed and submitted by email by the end of the day on March 1st, 2021.  Applications will be reviewed and students will be notified by March 8th of their status with the program.


 COVID permitting, a parent and student information night will be held in June for successful applicants. Applicants who are not successful will be contacted by guidance to resubmit their course options.


 For more information, contact Martin Lacelle at