How to Apply


The Da Vinci Program is open to all grade 11 students in the Upper Grand District School Board.


Here is how to apply to the Da Vinci Program:


1. To get the necessary application forms, click on the "Applications' button at the bottom of the page, or go to the Guidance Office of your school.


2.  1. Sign up for all the following courses through myBlueprint:   ENG 3U, SBI 3U, HSP 3U and a fourth course of your choosing. NOTE: Since AEA 3O is a unique course offered only through Da Vinci, we ask you to sign up for any other course as your fourth course, perhaps an arts course.  In the event that your application is not accepted you will take that course instead.  If you are accepted, your guidance office will make the necessary switch into the AEA 3O course offered at Da Vinci.


3. Hand in the application package to your Guidance office, which includes the following items:


A) Student Information Sheet

B) One Page Personal Introduction

C) A digital copy of a creative piece of some sort (drawing, photo, video of a dance, recorded piece of   music, short film, etc…) Please DO NOT include any original artwork as it will not be returned.

D) Two teacher references


ALL application materials must be completed and handed in to your home school Guidance office by February 28th, 2017.  Applications will be reviewed and students will be notified by March 7th of their status with the program.


A parent and student information night will be held in June for successful applicants. Applicants who are not successful will be contacted by guidance to resubmit their course options.


 For more information, contact Martin Lacelle at 822 - 7090 ext. 400 or email at