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We would love to know where your travels have taken you.  Please feel free to use the contact form under the "Contact" tab to leave an update of your life for others to read.  Be sure to leave your name and your Da Vinci year and we will be more than happy to post it in the this alumni section of the web page. 2011/2012, we especially need pictures from you.  We hope you enjoy these memories...

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August 2015 - From Amber D.

I'm about to enter my third year at University of Ottawa in Environmental Sciences. I do lots of work with the outdoors club, leading trips and managing our gear rental program. I also help grad students in the Earth Sciences with lab and field work (I got to spend 3 weeks in the Yukon last may!). I'm involved with jeVote-iVote which runs events on youth voting and involvement in politics. When I'm not in school I can often be found out in the wild, learning about edible plants and bushcraft. Or being a stone mason or a solar installation tech or heavy equipment operator. My current big project is launching a folk-school to foster self-sufficiency and sustainability through hands-on workshops that build community and positive reconnection between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. DaVinci remains a part of my life in two main ways: my friends and values. The friends part is easier to explain, so I'll start there. Quite simply being plopped in the woods with a diverse group who all share a few commonalities for a semester forces one to push past difference and get into the good stuff. Many of my closest friends today I came out of DaVinci with. The values one is a bit more complex, as obviously one's values are built in a myriad of ways. DaVinci was foundational in helping me understand the interconnections in all things, to accept my own love for both the arts and sciences, for the natural world and social justice. It came at a critical time in my development: from childhood polarized opinions to a complex network of systems. DaVinci was a supportive space to explore and create what is truest for me, something I deeply wish for every young person. DaVinci helped me see the infinite beauty in this world despite the enormous challenges we come up against. It was a space for us to look at challenges in the current systems and come out saying "I can!" I am endlessly grateful to all the people that enable such a program to exist. One day when I have children of my own, I will be sure to live in a place with wonderful alternative education options like this.